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Yugioh chat room

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Duel Links Tournaments on smash.

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Duel Links Tournaments on smash. You can submit your deck image by: Navigating to the tournament's home Clicking the Complete Decks button next to the event, listed in the Your Events section From here, you uygioh room the Deck 1 button under Yugiou Decks to your deck image Checking In Once the tournament begins, you can check in for your match by: Navigating to the tournament's home Clicking the View Match button next to the event, listed in the Your Yugioh section From here, you can click the chat Check-In button, then wait for your opponent to check in!

You'll want to switch over to the Chat tab to communicate with your opponent. If there's any issues, you can always switch to the Chat chaat and Request a moderator if you believe your opponent is reporting scores incorrectly.

After you've reported scores for the first game, you'll be prompted to report scores for the next game. Continue following the instructions until the set is complete! Verifying Match After completing the set and reporting scores, you'll be asked to cat the match.

This is where you confirm that the reported score rroom accurate. Click Confirm to verify the. ing Your Next Match Once you've verified theyou can click Back to bracket in the top-left corner to see where you currently are in the bracket.

When your next match is ready, click on it to check in and get started! Repeat until you're knocked out or win the tournament!

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