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Stranger sex chat

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Stranger sex chat

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You: i can't, my family very poorr Stranger: You don't have food at your house? You: i dont have a house Stranger: Appartment? You: mi stganger and mi live under a bridge You: we proffesional rat meat salesmen Stranger: But yet you have a computer, and are on omegle? Stranger: You're not fooling anyone.

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You: would you like some quality rat meat You: all different types Stranger: I dont eat meat.

Stranger: That sounds kind of gross anyways lol. You: it is a deliciouss Stranger: You're not Stranger: how old are you?

You: but it is no joke, mah family really hungry You: we no like rat sex, rat chat highly contagious Stranger: Do you still live under a bridge? You: yes, so you gonna buy strangdr meat or do mi brother gotta muga someone again Stranger: Native american males, if you think you're funny, you're not. You're not fooling anyone, making anyone stranger sorry for you, Stranger: and im not buying nasty rat meat, im a vegetarian.

Stranger: Straanger.

Stranger: Because, as you see, i'm not laughing. You: but i do not know that, i no see your face Stranger: Yeah okay. Stranger: I sttranger all that obove it.

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