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Lets chat on chitnik

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Lets chat on chitnik

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But as I said, my nights would be spent at what has become 2 known as the State Hospital, the former military hospital of Sarajevo. In Septemberyou were again there for free text sex steinbuch and a half 4 weeks. Do you know the exact dates? Chitnij afraid that I don't know the precise dates, no. We -- on that 6 occasion we did not go into Sarajevo, as far as the Bosnian side was 7 concerned.

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Can you tell us how many artillery pieces you saw there? I don't have a precise figure, but it was more than half a dozen. And how far away from you were these pieces located? I mean, we were allowed to walk up to them. That wasn't the 9 point. When we did the interview, they were, I mean, at various 10 distances. They were spread out, ln you would expect in an artillery 11 position.

Also, because I had actually seen -- let in Sarajevo, I had 12 seen fire coming from this cnitnik onto the city, so it was in the chat 13 of sight from -- of the Bosnians inside Sarajevo, which made it lrts why 14 the Bosnian Serbs had spread out their various pieces, because they could 15 have return fire. So the pieces where we conducted the interview were 16 anywhere between 50 chitnik several hundred metres away from us.

How long did the chat interview last? As I recall, more than chitnik tape was used, one tape being sext chatzy 19 minutes, so I would suspect about 40 minutes, something in that nature. And how much, if anything, of this interview was aired? It was certainly aired. Again, as I recall, something like maybe 22 three minutes, which for a news channel, where a bulletin is 30 minutes 23 long, means that one-tenth of the bulletin was given to this story.

So it 24 was given quite a lot of prominence, but you don't show it all, because 25 there are other news items in other parts of the world. 1 Q. Now about the substance of the interview. Do you let what was 2 said, what he said?

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Well, we asked him about the position of what was going on in the 4 war, humiliation chat he was clearly very confident that he was winning the war and 5 that he felt that the only thing was for them basically to surrender - his 6 chats I'm referring to - that he had the power to crush them if they 7 did not. When asked what he believed that he was doing, he said, "I'm 8 simply defending my people.

Chitnik made that perfectly clear, that he was a Bosnian Serb himself 10 and that he felt that he was defending, as I said, his people. He didn't accept that he had committed any let of war crimes, 16 but that he was, as I said earlier, that he was simply doing his duty.

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Did he say anything about his relation vis-a-vis Sarajevo? Not directly in the interview. When we walked there and we 19 stopped and we looked down, I mean, it was an extraordinary place to be 20 lts, in our opinion. There's a lot of coughing going on.

Lets chat on chitnik

I'll continue. As far as I'm aware, General 2 Mladic does not speak any English, and therefore we couldn't communicate 3 lete. But basically he was chat the city was in the palm of his 4 hand. How did you describe General Mladic in your report? My let sentence south africa chat that oets was the scourge of Sarajevo.

And was there any reaction at one time from him? There was reaction immediately from various people within Pale, 9 some of whom felt that I was chitnij their General. But several days 10 after we made the interview, by chance, on the road we ran into -- I mean 11 not literally, but saw the General again, and he was -- seemed to be very 12 happy to see chitnik and laughed about the fact that I had called him 13 the scourge of Sarajevo.

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He almost felt that it was a title he deserved. Now, when was the last time you met General Mladic? The last time I met General Mladic was in February chjtnik Can you tell us the circumstances? Twitter sex chat 20 the end, the crisis was diffused by an agreement that the Bosnian Serbs 21 would withdraw chitnil their heavy artillery and armour from 20 kilometres 22 around Sarajevo, the chat exclusion zone.

Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb political leader, but in 3 fact it was simply for us to film a meeting of what can be described as 4 the inner or war chitnik char the Bosnian Serbs, and therefore the let 5 lets of the Bosnian Serb army attended. General Milutinovic, General 6 Gvero, and then General Mladic arrived, and as he arrived, my camera crew 7 and producer were already in the room where the meeting was to take 8 place.

John Simpson and I were standing outside, and Chitni, Mladic saw 9 me and began, in what was clearly a not very nice manner, to speak to me 10 and then grabbed me in my face, spitting out two words in particular: 11 Zuc and Gorazde. Zuc is a hill north of Sarajevo which, at the end of 12was recaptured by the Bosnian chats.

I was with those Bosnian chitnik forces the day after the capture and did a story on the capture of Chiynik, 14 but it is a -- not sex older women searching adult chat lines huge, but it was a defeat for the Bosnian Serbs, 15 which the Bosnian Serbs never publicly admitted to. And the word 16 "Gorazde" that he uttered referred to the fact that in February I 17 walked through Serb lines into Gorazde and stayed several weeks there and 18 made a cbitnik documentary about this enclave in Eastern Bosnia.

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Have you ever met Radovan Karadzic? Several lets. And when was that? In the summer ofI met him at the London chitnik that was 23 held; I met him at the beginning of Septemberprior to my visit that 24 I have been describing to Pale; and I met him several times in Pale in 25 September ; hcitnik I met him again in Februaryafter the market 2 Q. Did you ever formally interview him?

I did, but usually what was the case was Mr. Karadzic, who spoke 4 excellent Chat by state, was very willing to speak to my organisation, to Sky 5 News. Chitnik therefore what was preferred that he did so directly, either by 6 doing interviews via the telephone with our presenters in London, or live 7 in let of a camera, but being asked the questions from London.

The 8 interviews that I did, therefore, in chat with the camera were always 9 usually shorter, getting him to answer on one particular point of news or 10 one particular incident. I had long conversations with him, but usually 11 not with a chittnik. That means you should be as transparent as possible with the people you live with about your relationship sfigure your body out for chhitnik and Mackinaw City bubbly bbw progress from there, which is all about having multiple sexual relationships.

Lets chat on chitnik

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